Martyn Cox

Garden writer, author and editor

RHS Wildlife Garden

Dorling Kindersley 2009

RHS Wildlife Garden puts wildlife first. Providing habitats is increasingly important as many species are in decline, and the activities in this book allow children to help the environment as well as getting close to nature. By choosing the right plants and creating a suitable habitat in your backyard, they can invite some very interesting visitors to their plot. Build a home for a barn owl, get digging and see how worms are good for the soil, and welcome guests to a ladybird hotel. And even better, you don't even need a garden: there are lots of exciting projects using pots and window boxes.

Step-by-step projects include building a bird bath, a bee house, a bat box, and bird feeders, and other activities show how to track mammals and go pond dipping. There's also a list of the Top 10 plants to attract butterflies, bees, and birds. The book ends with a photo-gallery of common garden creatures with information about each one, allowing children to identify the wildlife they see.

RHS Wildlife Garden is not only full of fun projects to make and do, but is also highly educational as children learn about animal life cycles, pollination, and the basics of life on earth - all going on in their back gardens.

Take a walk on the wild side and turn your garden into a haven for amazing wildlife.

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