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Winners of the OMG! Gardening Awards 2011

Sound the church bells. Pop your champagne corks. Start a ticker-tape parade. Voting is over for another year at the OMG! Gardening Awards. Despite a low turnout at polls (33% compared to a staggering 59% last year) there was the usual list of predictable winners, such as Cleve West bagging Most Snoggable Male for the [...]

The OMG! Gardening Awards 2011

What???  You thought you’d seen the last of the OMG! Gardening Awards, well think again. It’s back for 2011, although I hasten to add, not bigger or better, just back.  For those that don’t know what the hell I’m wittering on about, let me explain… Every year the great and the good of the gardening [...]

Winners of the OMG! Gardening Awards 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please give a hearty welcome to the results of the OMG! Gardening Awards 2010. After toiling through the night crunching nominations, my crack team of statisticians have somehow managed to sort out the winners from the losers, despite such obstacles as multiple entries, nomination ambiguity and voters changing their [...]

The OMG! Gardening Awards 2010

Last year I launched The OMG! Gardening Awards as a leftfield, irreverent and proudly irrelevant alternative to the straight-laced gong show that is The Garden Media Guild Awards. Well, as you can no doubt see, I’ve decided to inject fresh blood into the withered corpse of the OMG! Gardening Awards and have resurrected it from [...]

Winners of the OMG! Gardening Awards 2009

After working through the night (under the watchful gaze of a UN observer, brought in to ensure a fair and free poll), the results of the inaugural OMG! Gardening Awards 2009 have been well and truly crunched, partially digested and regurgitated. Despite fear of intimidation, blackmail and threats, there was a healthy turnout at the [...]