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How (not) to get ahead in advertising

Designer pants anyone?

Designer pants anyone?

[caption id="attachment_83" align="aligncenter" width="209" caption="Wake up...NOW"]Wake up...NOW[/caption]Can’t get a loan because of the credit crunch? House price crashed? Recession left you feeling down? Then here’s some light relief from Amateur Gardening’s news editor Marc Rosenberg, who has drawn my attention to an unusual advert in the latest issue of his weekly mag, which has absolutely nothing to do with gardening. The ad is for some Designer Underpants that claim to be ‘flatteringly designed using gorgeously soft material’ – no, sorry, it doesn’t matter how flowery the copy is, there is really nothing glamorous about a pair of incontinence pants. Unfortunately there are less odd adverts in AG these days, than when I was news editor on title between 1998-2000. Back then there was a rich seam of comedic material to found within the pages of the title that would either have the staff howling in laughter or leave them shaking their heads in disbelief. Among those I recall are The Eavesdropper – ‘the breakthrough that hearing aid makers want banned’ and the half price Farrah trousers that were described as ‘the buying coup of the century’. However, I think my all time favourite was the drum kit alarm clock that would wake you up with ‘a rocking drum solo’ followed by a ‘voice that would wish you a polite good morning’. Lord, give me strength.

2 comments to How (not) to get ahead in advertising

  • I noticed the same sort of pants being advertised on television yesterday. A smiling woman with freshly shampooed hair was riding a camel while wearing beige trousers. She appeared untroubled by any form of stress incontinence.
    Lawrence of Arabia would be soooo envious.

  • VP

    Why do gardening bloggers have an absolute fascination with pants? ;)

    I’m fascinated by this behind the scenes insight into AG’s advertising (I too have chortled from time to time) – does this mean any advert is run as long as it’s paid for?

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