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Suspect device

What lurked beneath my garden soil?

What lurked beneath my garden soil?

When I wrote on this blog about getting my garden ready for its first opening under the National Gardens Scheme (you can read it here), my brother left a comment suggesting I mention the ‘bomb’ incident. So, here is that story in all its embarrassing glory.

Back in 2004 I was preparing the soil for laying a deck, when after a few minutes excavating my spade hit something metallic. I scraped away at the soil until a curved outline was visible. My dad, who was helping me, probed inside the object with a garden cane. I suggested this probably wasn’t wise and asked my elderly neighbour if any incendiary devices had fallen on the area during the Second World War. He confirmed they had, so the police were called.

Within minutes two officers appeared, followed shortly afterwards by their boss. We were ordered to the front room of the house and the street cordoned off. Soon the bomb disposal squad arrived in their Land Rover and entered the back garden with spades. Half an hour or so had passed, when I was summoned outside by one of the team. His partner was standing in the garden, holding the bomb in his hand and smiling widely. Yes, you’ve guessed it. It was nothing more than an old galvanised bucket! D’uh.

Am I the only one with such an embarrassing garden tale? I doubt it. Please feel free to let me know about any gardening gaffes you’d rather forget about.

4 comments to Suspect device

  • I once made the police come round for some suspect bones that had fallen out of my chimney. They were from a crow.

  • Not quite a gardening tale but I decided at my last house that I needed somewhere to turn the car around. I was at work when my Mum rang to say that the digger chap had just avoided going through the main electricity cable for the surrounding houses. Luckily he spotted the cable or he wouldnt be with us any more! Result electricity company came out and reburied cable and I decided not to have the turning area. I did make sure that the cable was marked on the title deeds though.

  • Great post, it quite made me chuckle – as well as bringing back memories of being glued to the telly watching Danger UXB!

    We’ve not dug anything up in our excavations for the ponds, but we have wrapped the power cables in bright yellow plastic in case we ever dig in that area again!

  • Great story, Martyn! Thank you!

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