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The world’s oldest gardener?

The gaff strewn headline

The gaffe strewn headline

A centurion doing a spot of dead heading

A centurion doing a spot of dead heading

Congratulations to the super sub editors at Amateur Gardening for the hilarious gaffe in this week’s issue. The news pages have a story about gardener Eric Bristow (no relation to the portly darts ace) who has just turned 100 and has vowed to continue maintaining his plot as long as he can. The headline: Flower power is key to long life, says centurian. Good grief, I know he’s old, but to suggest he’s the last remaining soldier from the Roman army that departed our shores in 410 AD is a bit insulting – if this was the case then it would make him the world’s oldest gardener at 1,559 years old (just think of the punning headline opportunities you could have with that). Oh and apart from suggesting he was a centurian and not a centenarian, you even managed to spell centurion wrong. Come on guys and gals, what are doing in your Poole office all day, watching all the pretty boats go by?

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