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Winners of the OMG! Gardening Awards 2011

Sound the church bells. Pop your champagne corks. Start a ticker-tape parade. Voting is over for another year at the OMG! Gardening Awards. Despite a low turnout at polls (33% compared to a staggering 59% last year) there was the usual list of predictable winners, such as Cleve West bagging Most Snoggable Male for the third year in succession and James Alexander Sinclair bagging another Best Dressed Gardener award (when awards fever dies down I’m planning on consulting my legal team to see whether it’s possible to change the rules, prohibiting Cleve or James from entry in these two important categories in the future).

However, there were some surprises with Charles Hawes making a strong challenge in Most Snoggable Male (he came third) and David Domoney appearing from nowhere to take on the might of Matthew Appleby in the Yawn Chorus Award. Who wins? Well, you’ll find out shortly. And has a women grabbed the gong for best facial hair? Maybe. Oh and it would appear that our Olympic hope for 2012 is not Sir Chris Hoy, Rebecca Addlington or Phillips Idowu, but Cleve West and THOSE thighs.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to vote and shame, shame on you if you couldn’t be bothered – you really could have made all the difference!

So, with no further ado, please be upstanding for the winners of the OMG! Gardening Awards 2011. Winners, please feel free to leave your acceptance speeches below.

Most Snoggable Male Cleve West (winner 2010, 2009).

Most Snoggable Female Dawn Isaac

Best Dressed Gardener James ‘The Flashing Blade’ Alexander Sinclair (winner 2010, 2009).

Worst Dressed Gardener Monty Don

Hirsutes You, Sir! Dawn Isaac

Yawn Chorus Award David Domoney and Matthew Appleby

Missing in Action Emma Townsend (winner 2010)

A Good Sport Cleve West

Ooh, Get Her! Anne Wareham

Gardening’s Got Talent Three men went to mow

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