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Winners of the OMG! Gardening Awards 2010

Please take your place on the winners' podium

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please give a hearty welcome to the results of the OMG! Gardening Awards 2010. After toiling through the night crunching nominations, my crack team of statisticians have somehow managed to sort out the winners from the losers, despite such obstacles as multiple entries, nomination ambiguity and voters changing their minds due to threats and blackmail (if you’ve arrived late at the party, sit in the corner with a flat pint of shandy and read the tangle of nominations here).

The standard of entries was higher than ever this year leading to a vintage OMG! Awards, although I’m sure next year will be even better. There was a tough battle in Most snoggable male with Mark Diacono making a strong first showing, but in the end this category belonged to Cleve West and Matthew Wilson – in fact, they polled an equal number of votes and have been crowned joint winners. Surely now there should be a Snogoff to put their puckering skills to the test? In other catergories there were runaway winners – nobody came close to Matthew Appleby in the Get over yourself award, while the mighty Anne Wareham has been justly crowned Mouth almighty of the year. Well done to all of you. Oh, you might have noticed that I’ve won Top of the mops award – there was actually a three way tie for this award, but I decided that you can’t have three winners, so flipped a coin and won – fear not, their was no hanky panky. The coin toss was carried out under the watchful gaze of a UN inspector.

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to post their nominations. And if you didn’t? Shame, shame on you. Your votes could have made a big difference to someone’s life.

So, without further ado. Please be upstanding for the winners of the OMG! Awards 2010.

Oh, and winners. Feel free to leave your acceptance speeces below.

Most snoggable male - Cleve West and Matthew Wilson
Most fanciable female - Michelle Wheeler
Best dressed gardener - James Alexander-Sinclair
Worst dressed gardener - Toby Buckland
Tweet of the year - Arabella Sock
Where are they now? - Emma T
Comeback of the year - Alan Titchmarsh
Top of the mops award (best haircut) – Martyn Cox (runners up Roland Paterson and Rob Stacevitz)
Get over yourself (person with an over inflated opinion of him or herself) – Matthew Appleby
Me and my big mouth (a person in the gardening world who can’t help putting their foot in it) – Anne Wareham

Until next year…

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