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Mystery guess #18

Guess correctly and win...

Happy New Year!!! What’d ya mean it’s February already? Why didn’t anybody tell me? Ah well, since I haven’t posted anything since mid-December, I thought it best to offer you my best wishes for a great year ahead. Anyway, enough of the salutations. I’d like to announce that I’ve finally woken from my non-blogging slumber and hope to be able to write a little more often than I have of late.

To get things started I won’t bother telling you about some of the gardens I’ve visited recently, the celebrities I’ve spotted on my travels or reveal any salacious gossip I’ve been privy to. Oh no. I thought I’d treat to you something really, really special. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s a Mystery Guess – the web-based quiz where I post a macro lens shot of something I’ve seen and challenge you to guess what the hell it is.

Now you may think this looks like a close-up of a compound eye of tsetse fly with conjunctivitis, but it’s not. It’s actually part of a plant that I spotted in Hodsock Priory in Nottinghamshire a few days ago. Do you know the common or botanical name of the plant? If you do, post your answer below and even if you don’t, please take an educated guess or throw caution to the wind and take a wild stab in the dark. I’ll post the answer tomorrow or possibly the next day. Good luck Mystery guessers!

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