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Mystery Guess – Christmas Special

Yule Grinner - a cheesy Christmas card

Yule Grinner - a cheesy Christmas card

Aren’t you sick of Christmas TV specials? I know I am. I’ve just been flicking through the pages of the festive Radio Times (aka The Legendary Christmas Issue, according to its strapline) and have found the listings crammed with special editions of family favourites, such as Cranford, Dr Who, Outnumbered and The Royle Family. Well, rather than buck the trend, I thought I’d whole heartedly embrace the concept and give you all what you want – a Mystery Guess Christmas Special, a tinsel wrapped edition of the web’s most tiresome gardening related quiz, which you can enjoy while cracking open some nuts and slurping a glass of eggnog.

As regular visitors will know, I usually post a close up picture of a plant and ask you to guess its name, but as it’s Christmas I’ve give the quiz a twist. The picture above is one of many corporate Christmas cards that I’m delighted to be sent each year. Rather than depict a robin, Santa on a sleigh or a wintery landscape, this one shows a sepia tinged, bird’s eye view of some glasshouses. Do you know the name of the nursery that sent me the card? If you do, post your answer, keep your fingers crossed and you may be a winner. If you don’t, have a wild guess anyway. As ever, there are no prizes to be won, but you will become the first winner of the Mystery Guess Christmas Special. Oh, and if you’ve been sent the same card, do keep schtum. Good guessing everyone. Ho-ho-ho!

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