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Mystery guess #17

The very smelly, mystery fruit

The very smelly, mystery fruit

If you’ve ever been to RHS Garden Wisley you’ll know that it’s a most dangerous place. The 240-acre garden is the haunt of several gangs of young mums, who use its labyrinth of paths as a race track to show off their wheels (umm, buggies, strollers and prams). Yesterday, while trying to avoid a head on collision with a Maclaren (buggy that is, not the F1 type) driven by a young mum toting a teething biscuit, I took a side step and almost squished this orange skinned fruit under my foot. I’m glad I didn’t. After picking the fruit up and examining it, I thought I’d inhale its sweet, perfumed skin and raised it to my nose…where I was overcome by the sickly scent of vomit. So, do you know the name of the tree that has the misfortune to yield such vile fruit? If you do post your answer below and you might win something that money just can’t buy – a place in the Mystery Guess Hall of Fame. And if you have absolutely no idea, don’t worry. Have a wild, creative stab in the dark anyway. I’ll post the answer on Friday. Let guessing commence.

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