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A recipe for disaster

I love a good typo more than most, so was over the moon when steered towards the latest (December 3) issue of Amateur Gardening. There’s an almighty howler to be found at the bottom of  the Your Gardening Week section, where AG’s resident cook gives advice to readers on how to make canapes out of [...]

Pants advice

As regular readers of this blog will know, I like to keep a close eye on Amateur Gardening magazine. As a former member of the team I like to cast an eye over the pages to check for what ex-AG staff call bunders. What’s a bunder? A spelling mistake or typo, so called after a [...]

Corset calamity

A few weeks ago the Royal Horticultural Society announced they were going to collect used bras and pants, and turn them into containers to grace a display at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July. I’m not sure how many folk have answered the call to go commando or braless for the RHS, but [...]

The world’s oldest gardener?

Congratulations to the super sub editors at Amateur Gardening for the hilarious gaffe in this week’s issue. The news pages have a story about gardener Eric Bristow (no relation to the portly darts ace) who has just turned 100 and has vowed to continue maintaining his plot as long as he can. The headline: Flower [...]

Anartree in the UK

A good friend of mine is the current drummer with the Subway Sect, a 70s punk band who were contemporaries of the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Despite having a few minor hits with (excellent) singles Ambition and Nobody’s Scared, the band never did particularly well and singer Vic Godard, who is the only original [...]

How (not) to get ahead in advertising

Wake up…NOWCan’t get a loan because of the credit crunch? House price crashed? Recession left you feeling down? Then here’s some light relief from Amateur Gardening’s news editor Marc Rosenberg, who has drawn my attention to an unusual advert in the latest issue of his weekly mag, which has absolutely nothing to do with gardening. [...]

A sad day for country gardeners

I’m genuinely sad to discover that the Country Gardener series of magazines is folding after the April issue due to a combination of falling advertising revenues and a rise in production costs. If you’re not familiar with the titles, they are the newspaper style magazines that you could pick up free in gardens, garden centres [...]