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Hard boiled Eggheads

“These people are among the greatest quiz players in Britain. Together they make up the Eggheads – arguably the most formidable quiz team in the country. The question is…can they be beaten? Taking on the awesome might of our quiz goliaths today are…The Hardy Perennials.” Haven’t got a clue what I’m going on about? Let [...]

Dr. D. G. Hessayon, I presume?

Do you remember the first ever gardening book you brought? I can vividly recall mine. It was The Indoor Plant Spotter by Dr. D.G. Hessayon, which I acquired from Reg Taylor’s Garden Centre, Southwell, Nottinghamshire in 1985. Back then I was a teenage house plant fanatic wanting help to identify plants and this newly published [...]

For those about to quit…I salute you!!

Do you remember the anti-smoking campaign from the early 1980s that featured Superman fighting a wizened, pale faced, ciggie addicted villain called Nick O’ Teen? Well, many years later I fancied my chances of landing the super villain role when Action on Smoking and Health, or ASH if you prefer acronyms, decided to resurrect those [...]

Normal service will resume soon

Alternative gardening awards – the poll is now closed.

On Thursday 3 December, the great and the good, along with some that aren’t so good, of the gardening world will gather in London for The Garden Media Guild (GMG) Awards 2009. Around 500 guests will enjoy a slap up meal at The Brewery in the heart of The City and then keep their fingers [...]

Oh my god, I forgot it was National Poetry Day!

I woke up this morning, turned on the radio and discovered it was National Poetry Day (I hate the way it always creeps up on you – before you know it, it’ll be Christmas). After some self flagellation, I thought I’d try and make up for forgetting about the big day by marking the occasion [...]

The one in which I reveal stuff about me

I’ve not responded to a Meme before, but as it was the that smashing bloke Ryan who tagged me I thought I’d give it a go. Apparently I have to tell you seven things that are vaguely interesting about myself, so thought I’d dig out a few things from my past under the umbrella title [...]

Martyn is Kung Fu fighting (actually karate)

Before today the only time I have ever felt emotional about passing anything was when I managed to get my hands on a driving licence. Unlike many of my peers who managed to pass at the first attempt, I endured about 40 odd lessons and had to sit six tests negotiating the mean streets of [...]

Martyn’s video guide to planting spring bulbs

Have you ever wanted to make a Marge Simpson style hairdo out of grape hyacinth bulbs, but didn’t know how? Yes, of course you have…who in their right mind wouldn’t want to? Well now you can – all you need to do is watch this spring bulb planting vodcast, where I show how to create [...]

Strictly come gardening

While munching my lunchtime sandwich (mozzarella, avacado and sundried tomatoes in a crunchy baguette) I was listening to a live report on Radio Five Live from the press launch of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. Apparently the celebs were all given code names so that their indentities could be kept under wraps until [...]