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Mystery guess #16

You may have hoped you’d seen the last of it, but due to popular demand (well, one other blogger says he likes it) I have resurrected Mystery Guess after a lengthy absence of 17 days. If you don’t know how to play the web’s most infuriating gardening quiz, here are the rules – I’ve taken [...]

Mystery guess #15

How good is your eyesight? Well, if you’ve got eagle eyes then you may know what this strange ‘thing’ is that I spotted on a tree at Bedgebury Pinetum in Kent a few days ago. The branches of the tree were littered with these teeny weeny growths, which were largely hidden by its evergreen foliage. [...]

Mystery guess #14

While I was wandering around Westonbirt Arboretum last Friday I spotted this star-like seed pod under a small evergreen tree. Aha, I thought, the perfect thing for Mystery guess, the interweb’s favourite close-up picture guessing quiz. So, do you know the name of the tree this seed capsule fell from? If you do post your [...]

Mystery guess #13 – the answer

Thanks to everyone who took part in the very tricky Mystery guess #13 – the answer is that the red ‘eye’ in my close-up picture belongs to the rude-looking seed pod of Magnolia campbellii. Although Helen’s guess appeared on my blog first, Janine actually answered ten minutes earlier, but her message had to wait to [...]

Mystery guess #lucky 13

Be afraid. Be very afraid. I found this ‘thing’ lurking in a garden I visited recently. It may look like the inquisitive peeper of a red eyed tree frog, but I can assure you it belongs to a plant. Any idea of the name of the plant from whence it came? All guesses are welcomed, [...]

Mystery guess #12 – the answer

Right, time to kick yourselves. The answer to Mystery guess #12 is not a caterpillar, the lower spike of a trachycarpus or any other palm – it’s a close-up of the flower spike from that moisture-loving, giant leaved architectural perennial from South America, Gunnera manicata. Alas, nobody came up with the right answer, so I’ll [...]

Mystery guess #12

I’ve just returned from a camping holiday in sunny Dorset and thought that after a few weeks of blogging inactivity that I ought blow the dust off Going to the Dogs and start posting again. To kick things off, here’s a Mystery guess – the close-up picture of a flower was taken in the marvellous [...]

Mystery guess #11 – the answer

a cluster of devil’s dumplings, sorry, devil’s applesI’ve just realised that I haven’t revealed the answer to Mystery guess #11…it is Mandragora officinarum or common mandrake. This unusual looking perennial produces a cluster of tubular flowers followed by these spherical fruit that give rise to its other common names of devil’s apples (not to be [...]

Mystery guess #11

Deep in the jungle, Professor Inigo Tinkle cried eureka after stumbling across a nest of green eggs laid by the fabled oozlum bird – very few had ever seen this rare creature, which when startled takes off and flies around in ever decreasing circles until it dissapears up its own rear end. A deleted scene [...]

Mystery guess #10

While I was motoring along the A14 in Cambridgeshire towards the A1 today, my concentration on the road was broken when I spotted a black BMW in my rear view mirror being driven by a well known gardening expert, who appeared to be either smoking a roll up or sucking a lollipop – it’s so [...]