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The Return of Mystery Guess – The Answer

Some said it was a crusty old bit of Yorkshire pudding, while others thought it might be some kind of seed pod. Were they close. Nah, not even slightly warm – but thanks for taking part anyway, it’s your quiz after all. This is actually a close-up pic of the most bizarre-looking puffball that I’ve [...]

The Return of Mystery Guess

Many prayed it had been buried for all eternity after being shot by a silver bullet, but a simple villager looking for a few groats during these tough times has prised open the lead coffin that has kept Mystery Guess at bay for months only to reveal its horrendous form once more. Back to cause [...]

Mystery Guess Special – Caterpillar conundrum

I know, I know. I don’t blog for an eternity and then when I do it’s a frothy little Mystery Guess. Still you’d be doing me a huuuge favour if you could flex that grey matter and have a go at this picture quiz. Why? Well, unlike other Mystery Guesses, I don’t know the answer [...]

The Return of Mystery Guess – The Answer

Firstly, let me apologise. I know when I posted The Return of Mystery Guess I said I’d reveal the answer the next day. Well, as you can see, it’s only taken me over a week to provide the answer. Ah well, better late than never. Thanks to all who guessed their hearts out, but in [...]

The return of Mystery Guess

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the return of Mystery Guess, the blogospheres must irritating gardening quiz. If you’ve never played before, let me quickly explain the rules. I post a close-up picture and ask you to guess what it is. Simple. There are no prizes, medals or fanfares for winning, [...]

Mystery guess #18 – the answer

Greetings. Many thanks to everyone who took part in Mystery guess #18. Some said the close-up pic was a mahonia, while another blogger thought it might by Primula denticulata. Well, I’m delighted to announce that Joseph Tychonievich at Greensparrow Gardens blog was bang on the money with his mighty guess of Petasites japonicus. This answer [...]

Mystery guess #18

Happy New Year!!! What’d ya mean it’s February already? Why didn’t anybody tell me? Ah well, since I haven’t posted anything since mid-December, I thought it best to offer you my best wishes for a great year ahead. Anyway, enough of the salutations. I’d like to announce that I’ve finally woken from my non-blogging slumber [...]

Mystery Guess – Christmas Special

Aren’t you sick of Christmas TV specials? I know I am. I’ve just been flicking through the pages of the festive Radio Times (aka The Legendary Christmas Issue, according to its strapline) and have found the listings crammed with special editions of family favourites, such as Cranford, Dr Who, Outnumbered and The Royle Family. Well, [...]

Mystery guess #17

If you’ve ever been to RHS Garden Wisley you’ll know that it’s a most dangerous place. The 240-acre garden is the haunt of several gangs of young mums, who use its labyrinth of paths as a race track to show off their wheels (umm, buggies, strollers and prams). Yesterday, while trying to avoid a head [...]

Mystery guess #16 -the answer

Some said it was a hebe, others that it was a eucalyptus, while one even suggested it might be the gaping maw of one of those giant sand worms from Dune. Alas, your guessing was off the mark – bagging the top spot is Ryan, whose answer of callistemon or bottlebrush, hit the bullseye of [...]