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My Garden vs The England Football Team

What did you do on Sunday 27 June? Well, if you’re English, German or a fan of football/soccer/the beautiful game etc etc, you probably spent the afternoon watching England crashing out of the World Cup in such a dismal fashion that at 5pm, millions of vuvuzelas emblazoned with the cross of St George were snapped [...]

Moggy Monday

I’ve never posted anything about my cats, so thought it was about time I remedied such an oversight. Here is Purdey squashing a rare Digitalis dubia in my alpine sink, and Poppy, the feline goddess of summertime, sensuously exposing her magnificent tum to the rays of the sun. Meowver and out.

Hard boiled Eggheads

“These people are among the greatest quiz players in Britain. Together they make up the Eggheads – arguably the most formidable quiz team in the country. The question is…can they be beaten? Taking on the awesome might of our quiz goliaths today are…The Hardy Perennials.” Haven’t got a clue what I’m going on about? Let [...]

For those about to quit…I salute you!!

Do you remember the anti-smoking campaign from the early 1980s that featured Superman fighting a wizened, pale faced, ciggie addicted villain called Nick O’ Teen? Well, many years later I fancied my chances of landing the super villain role when Action on Smoking and Health, or ASH if you prefer acronyms, decided to resurrect those [...]

Walthamstow 1 Dulwich 0

Enid Blyton, Huw Edwards, Jo Brand, Sue Perkins, Rob Da Bank, Kate Thornton and Su-Elise from R&B girl group Mis-teeq – we have beaten them all. Dulwich can you hear me? Your boys took one hell of a beating!* What on earth am I going on about? Well, Walthamstow Village has just punched well above [...]

Noise annoys

Over the last few weeks, ‘Grrrrr. What the hell is that noise?’ was my much uttered mantra. Sat in my office (or more accurately, back bedroom) upstairs, I’ve been driven demented by the sound of what I thought were small stones landing on my patio. Every time I heard the noise, I would leap out [...]

The Big Lunch

On Sunday we put up Road Closed signs as Brunswick Street in Walthamstow, East London, took part in The Big Lunch, a nationwide initiative dreamt up by Eden Project supremo Tim Smit, which aimed to encourage communities to hold a street party so you could get to know your neighbours a bit better. At 10pm [...]

I went to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and all I got were these lousy aeoniums

Result! I usually spend the first couple of hours of preview day at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (6-12 July) perusing the show gardens, but this year I decided to throw caution to the wind and head into the floral marquee first. By a great stroke of luck the first thing I saw was [...]

Open day success

Despite having sunburn, sore feet and a hoarse voice from talking too much, my first garden open day for the National Gardens Scheme was a rip roaring success. 230 people paid £2 each to have a look around my plot, helping me raise £640.08 for charity – a big, big thank you to everyone that [...]

Suspect device

When I wrote on this blog about getting my garden ready for its first opening under the National Gardens Scheme (you can read it here), my brother left a comment suggesting I mention the ‘bomb’ incident. So, here is that story in all its embarrassing glory. Back in 2004 I was preparing the soil for [...]